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  • Our Principles

    We are a Leading Social Purpose Enterprise Management Company, we strongly believe in the principles of concern for community and social responsibility, the essential elements in building a strong, sustainable and stress free environment for Members and Residents.
  • Our Service Guarantee

    We apply a balanced approach to operating all the real estate portfolios entrusted to us by our clients Our focus is to provide value to residents, this involves a combination of strategic planning, tactical execution and constant re-evaluation.
  • Our Clients

    The properties we manage include the residential tenures of co-operative, not-for-profit, condominium and privately owned properties and providing safe and well managed housing for all ages, seniors, families, independent adults and people living with special needs.
  • Our Projects

    APHL services vary from full property management services for large developments to consulting services for smaller projects. No project is too big or small for our team.
  • Our People

    For over 45 years we’ve helped housing organizations succeed. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff collaborate very closely with property managers. We provide the best, most cost-effective support and services possible.
  • Our Record

    Our enterprise management team currently manages a significant number of units in 20 municipalities across New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.